Xavier Poisson: The Cloud is Not a Destination, It’s an Experience

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Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps

Hewlett Packard’s Vice President for Service Providers and Cloud28+ Worldwide

In his keynote address, Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps, Hewlett Packard’s Vice President for Service Providers and Cloud28+ Worldwide, shared with the CloudFest crowd how technologies and alliances to shape the next generation of IT and break cloud stereotypes.

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There’s always a way to innovate faster with any cloud, anywhere, and at the right cost

Video Xavier Poisson

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Risks associated with the Cloud can be flipped into a trusted, sustainable, and positive experience. You can live your Cloud, your way.

Whose Cloud Is It Anyway?

People are moving to the cloud to simplify IT and move faster, said Poisson, “But what do I do with this word ‘cloud’?” There’s no such thing as just one cloud, he said – we need to think beyond the implied limitations of that word.

HP, he said, builds solely for the customer: “We have no cloud! You are our cloud!

The Cloud is an experience; it’s Everything as a Service (EaaS): “It means that you are paying for what you use, and you’re avoiding being locked in.” Community-building and knowledge sharing. It’s AI as well, said Poisson which is going to be everywhere.

“The experience of the hybrid cloud is for you as the service provider,” said Poisson, “Because what you are proposing to your customer, you can back it up with us in the right way.” It’s about being able to cope with public, private, and hybrid clouds on behalf of your customer.. (The size of the hybrid cloud market is projected to blow past the $90-billion mark in 2021, according to Markets and Markets.)

Poisson gave a quick rundown of Cloud28+, a collaboration between HP Enterprise and Intel that serves as a global cloud computing knowledge base, services marketplace, sales engine, and federation of CSPs, with over 900 partners in 71 countries. It boasts over 35,500 distributed cloud services globally, across over 600 datacenters; serving over 5,300 users in nine different languages. It’s a growing commercial force, but the community power behind it cannot be overestimated.

Innovation for the Right Reasons

Poisson said that HPE wants to accelerate together with CSPs, even if that means working with other hyperscale services. Overall, it emerged, you don’t move to a hybrid cloud to save money – you do it to deliver better services faster. This mindset is not limited to the CloudFest Main Dome, either: Forrester’s 2019 Cloud Predictions noted that “Private cloud is no longer about quick provisioning of servers – private cloud in 2019 is about creating a flexible, agile, automated, and software-defined software development platform. Success will be measured by developer satisfaction and time-to-market for new products and services, and not by taking out cost,” adding that enterprises are going to get real about on-premises and hybrid-cloud leverage.

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