Bunk in a Wild West Town and Experience like a True Pioneer

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Stay in a log cabin, a covered wagon or a teepee in Europa-Park's very own version of Wild West Experience

Build the technological Future of the Internet during the day and bunk like a Cowboy & Cowgirl at Night

WWW – Wild West World

The internet can feel like the Wild West at times with its endless frontiers and showdowns between good guys and bad guys – why not try being a pioneer from the Wild West? Europa-Park’s Camp Resort is a fun Wild-West-themed town with log cabins, covered wagons, and Tee Pees. And for the very first time, it will be open for WHD – and it will be available all to ourselves!

Video WWW: Get the pioneer experience by staying at Europa-Park

In the Camp Resort you will enjoy easy access to all WHD festivities, a communal atmosphere, and provincial charm with shared restrooms and common areas. This means you can “rough it” with fellow attendees without losing all of the comforts of now. We’re internet pioneers, after all.

Accommodations include log-cabins (1 to 6 people) and Covered Wagons (1 to 4 people).

Spend your days at WHD building the future, then spend your night by stepping into the past.

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