Shaun Streeter: America First – WHD 2nd


Meet the man with the voice that made our parody video great!

We got the help of American voice-actor and radio host Shaun Streeter to impersonate Trump. He’s done more than 300 Trump-inspired recordings and was behind various videos “America First; [Country] Second” including Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg, and Denmark. And he recorded “America First; WorldHostingDays Second” for us.

Video Shaun Streeter

It’s been around a month since Donald Trump became President of the most powerful country in the world, and we want to stay on his good side so we made an absolutely fantastic video welcoming him to – you’ll love it!

America First – WorldHostingDays Second: The Cloud Festival Welcomes Trump in His Own Words

About Shaun Streeter

He also performs songs as Trump including “I’ve Got Friends in Deplorable Places” and “Losing My Trump Impression”, which references how lucrative a good Trump impression can be.

Interview Shaun Streeter

We asked Streeter a couple questions about what it’s like being able to impersonate the US President

WHD: What do you like about impersonating Donald Trump?

Streeter: One of my favorite things about impersonating him is being able to make other people laugh with it.  Sometimes, when I’m in a drive-thru or something at a restaurant or on a telephone with somebody, I’ll just randomly start talking like him – it will leave the people on the other end very confused – it’s great!

WHD: Have you gotten to learn more about the world through recording videos for a variety of European countries and now WorldHostingDays?

Streeter: Honestly, I’ve learned so much more!  Just by recording the scripts for each video I learned a lot.  Not to mention, talking with all of the writers and video producers along the way – learning about each of their shows, their countries and their sense of humor, too.  Everybody is a little different, but we’re all very much the same, too.

For WHD, I had never heard of it before now, surprisingly.  But after watching the videos from last year, I have to say – it looks like a lot of fun!  One of my first jobs was at a startup company that focused on networking – while they kept it fairly secret what they were working on (at least, from me) – I know it was a high speed router or sorts.  But, I worked help-desk, repairing computers and helping to solve small network problems – like, if someone couldn’t print to the network printer or something. But, technology and innovation was and continues to be something that interests me. However, I admit that these days, I can barely set up my own printer.

WHD is the biggest and best cloud festival in the world – and we think that we could get the real Donald Trump, but an impersonator can sometimes be preferable to the real one. So join us, for the next cloud conference in March!

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