USA Partner Highlight: MailChannels

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What makes MailChannels continually successful?

MailChannels tells us why they're attending this year and how our North American event is important to their business

Cloud Conference partner highlight MailChannels

WHD: Describe what your company does, why you chose this focus, and who benefits from the work that you do.

MailChannels delivers the hosting industry’s email. Getting email delivered reliably is one of the top concerns of web hosts, because it so deeply affects the customer experience when things go wrong. MailChannels is the only solution provider in the industry to focus on this concern exclusively, through our cloud service and on-premise software.

WHD: What factors have contributed to your company’s growth and success to date? How do you see these elements evolving in the future?

A relentless focus on the customer experience. MailChannels invests heavily in research and development to continuously deliver the best possible experience for customers and their end users. Whether it’s through providing the industry’s first “not spam” button for outgoing email, or the 100% uptime we have delivered during the present quarter, we will continue to keep customers front and center.

WHD: What can attendees expect to see from your company at WHD.usa? Please let us know what you have planned for your booth, during your speaking opportunity, or other partner placement at WHD.usa.

We’re very excited to be attending WHD.usa this year. I’m really looking forward to taking to the stage at the main.FORUM on Tuesday, September 12th at 4:20 pm for my talk, “Email – Not Quite Dead Yet”.

Despite being presumed dead, the humble email address continues to be the only dependable way of reaching every internet user. In this talk, I’ll discuss how thoroughly the internet remains addicted to email, and why email still matters to hosting providers more than they might realize.

We’ll also be bringing our brand new t-shirt design to Las Vegas in September. Following on from the success of our popular Botnets t-shirts, we have a new design we think the WHD.usa crowd are going to love. Make sure to drop by our booth before they all disappear!

WHD: How has WorldHostingDays made an impact on your company? Please share a success story that was made possible by participating in one of our events.

We met many of our largest customers at WorldHostingDays. It’s an excellent way to get together with existing customers, prospective customers and business partners in-person. By being in a remote location it allows everyone to come to into the conference area and talk with each other. The organizers make an effort to create fun environments that help us deepen business relationships in casual settings. WHD gives us the opportunity to share our insights about bots, malware, spam and other forms of email abuse.

WHD: What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming conference?

WorldHostingDays helps us to stay connected with the web hosting industry. Many of our longest-serving customers have become our friends so it’s great to get together a few times a year in Germany, India and the United States.

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