The Colosseo Bar: Where CloudFest Takes Care of Business

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The first thing i learned as I started working with CloudFest (back when it was WorldHostingDays) was that there is this one spot that’s almost like a secret venue: the Colosseo Bar in the Hotel Colosseo. It has this kind of exclulsive inner-circle vibe going on, but anybody can just show up. People were saying that this bar is where so much of the real deals at CloudFest take place. (Insider tip: the bar’s balcony is also the best spot for watching the concerts in the Colosseo Arena!)

It’s been a few years, and a lot has changed since WorldHostingDays became CloudFest… but I can confirm that the stories about Bar Colosseo (everyone just calls it “the Colosseo Bar”) are 100% true. That’s why this year’s CloudFest Parkside summer party, our first-ever hybrid event, is broadcasting live to you from this special place. It was an easy decision for us to select this place, because it’s like the heart of CloudFest.

This place is always the last place to stay open each night during CloudFest, so people find their way here like lions going up to a lake in a nature video. Attendees drink, relax, talk, dance, and bond. That’s what makes this place so cool. Of course a lot of great stories begin with “This one time, at the Colosseo Bar…”

My favourite experience in the Colosseo Bar was that you have to use that gas pedal thing in the lavatory to turn on the water and wash your hands. I had never seen it before, but I bet it will become much more common!

With this, we’re kicking off the #ColosseoBarChallenge. If youre nominated on Facebook – or even if you’re not – share your experience with this hashtag!

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