Hank Shocklee Video: Believe the Hype

“Inspiration comes from everywhere,” said Hank Shocklee. “Especially artists, we all take music from other places, take certain riffs and turn ‘em around – it all adds inspiration!” Now, though, inspiration has become legally controlled in a way never seen before. Shocklee said that making the seminal Public Enemy record Fear of a Black Planet […]

Loud in the Cloud Music Festival

Introducing the Loud in the Cloud Music Festival, only at CloudFest: Launching a Very Loud Tradition Unlike the Fyre Festival, Loud in the Cloud actually happened! Loud in the Cloud Music Festival Videos 2019 From its earliest days, CloudFest’s mandate has been to be as much of a festival as a conference, creating one-of-a-kind moments […]

Billy Morrison Joins CloudFest

Billy Morrison’s career has withstood the test of time. Having played for such well-known bands as The Cult, Billy Idol, Royal Machines and many, many more, it is thanks to his intrinsic talent, perseverance and a passion for all things creative that Billy continues to light the world on fire with his multi-faceted pursuits. Video Billy […]

Interview with Lords of Uptime: Eric Tholomé and Ike Fast

“Just in case you missed the news, those rock n’ roll “Bad Boys of the Internet” – the Lords of Uptime – are currently getting in tune for their highly anticipated return to the stage during CloudFest 2018. The line-up for this year’s concert is looking a bit different for the band after they said […]

Tech Stars Meet Rock Stars when the Royal Machines Land Down

After a full day learning about the latest cloud innovations and networking, we will leave the virtual machines behind and rock the night away with the Royal Machines – an all-star line-up of hit-makers from some of the most popular bands of the last twenty years. They’ll be lighting-up the OnApp ConneXion Party. Here’s some […]

Philip Sheppard will boost your creative thinking

World-renowned composer, producer, and virtuoso cellist Philip Sheppard uses creative thinking and imagination to explore new musical ideas and develop new melodies. For Philip, creative thinking is a major focus of his career, and he has taught and inspired countless professionals to take a more creative approach to their work and life. About Philip Sheppard […]

Eugeny Naidenov Video – Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar founder Eugeny Naidenov is talking at stage at Europa-Park. You’ll get to hear from Eugeny how he went from posting a few tabs of his favorite Guns N’ Roses songs in 1998 to running one of the top websites. Along the way, there were technical challenges to scaling, and the recording industry wasn’t […]

WHD.global’s Theme for 2017 is Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

We’re excited to announce that Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll is the theme for WHD.global festival. Revolutions have often involved rebellious music and subversive art. In one way or another, Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll becomes the order of the day. And history repeats itself. The counter-culture movement of the 1960s led to increased […]