Making Sense and Making Money – The Numbers Behind India’s Huge Online Potential

Why does WHD continue to be one of WorldHostingDays’ largest regional events? And why did we bring NamesCon there this year? A major reason is the huge demand! India has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit, love of education and technology, a rapidly expanding middle class, and the will to take business global. India represents a new frontier of internet opportunity. This […]

Bunk in a Wild West Town and Experience like a True Pioneer

WWW – Wild West World The internet can feel like the Wild West at times with its endless frontiers and showdowns between good guys and bad guys – why not try being a pioneer from the Wild West? Europa-Park’s Camp Resort is a fun Wild-West-themed town with log cabins, covered wagons, and Tee Pees. And […]

Göran Marby Video: Put the power of the future of the Internet into your hands

Göran Marby, ICANN CEO, engages the Internet community on how they can help shape the Internet of tomorrow. Göran Marby Video Put the power of the future of the Internet into your hands ICANN is a non-profit that plays a key role in coordinating the technical infrastructure around domain names. In this presentation, ICANN CEO […]

Fabian Thylmann Speaker & Video

Fabian Thylmann was among the most important innovators in the streaming of adult content. Before streaming video became mainstream, he founded Manwin (now MindGeek) which is the company that would eventually host the most popular adult websites in the world. This includes YouPorn, MyDirtyHobby, Pornhub and others. But handling huge volumes of data and traffic […]

When the Who’s Who of Internet and Cloud get together:

Opportunity and Success in the Heart of Moscow More than 250 internet technology professionals arrived at the Holiday Inn Moscow / Sokolniki on November 30th for 2016. Registration opened at 10:00 and most of the attendees arrived early — welcomed by coffee and ready to start the day. Andrey Kuzmichev from local partner RU-Center […]

The World’s Coolest Data Centers: Green Mountain DC1-Stavanger

When you think about Norway, you might think about fjords and pickled herring. But the Northern European nation is building a strong reputation for its data centers which benefit from renewable energy and brisk temperatures that absorb server heat. A good example is Green Mountain’s DC1-Stavanger data center which is hidden in Norway’s rugged west coast, and happens to […]