Making Sense and Making Money – The Numbers Behind India’s Huge Online Potential

Why does WHD continue to be one of WorldHostingDays’ largest regional events? And why did we bring NamesCon there this year? A major reason is the huge demand! India has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit, love of education and technology, a rapidly expanding middle class, and the will to take business global. India represents a new frontier of internet opportunity. This […]

Ewan Parry Video – Value of Hosting Companies

As a cloud and hosting M&A expert Ewan Parry answers the question that on everyone’s mind: What is a hosting business really worth? It’s not an easy question. That’s why we have this expert to explain the criteria he uses to determine valuations. Video Ewan Parry What’s It Worth? An Insider’s Guide to the Value of […]

Rory Duncan Video: What M&A Trends are Disrupting the Hosting Landscape

Rory Duncan explains how M&A is changing the hosting landscape and the new opportunities opening up for service providers. New hosting mergers and acquisitions are constantly in the news. This highlights how consolidation continues to be a disruptor in the hosting market with many companies finding “Inorganic growth” to lead to new customers and market […] is Russia’s Top Cloud and Hosting Event!

On November 30th, 2016, the largest hosting and cloud event in Eastern Europe will be happening in Moscow. We don’t want you to miss this incredible event – join us Wednesday, November 30th, at the Holiday Inn Sokolniki Hotel. Consider your best opportunity to discover new business opportunities and make valuable contacts. The Opportunities […]

Unlocking the Potential of the Largest Internet Market in the World

If you’ve been following all of the new ideas and innovations at WorldHostingDays this year, then you know that for the first time we partnered with someone to host WHD.china. Ray Zheng of stepped up. With his knowledge of the local market and business conditions, we knew that he was the ideal partner to […]

The World’s Coolest Data Centers: Green Mountain DC1-Stavanger

When you think about Norway, you might think about fjords and pickled herring. But the Northern European nation is building a strong reputation for its data centers which benefit from renewable energy and brisk temperatures that absorb server heat. A good example is Green Mountain’s DC1-Stavanger data center which is hidden in Norway’s rugged west coast, and happens to […]