CloudFest 2022 Registration Now Open: Join Us In Person at Europa-Park!

It’s finally time: you’re ready to join us in the real world! CloudFest 2022 returns to its spiritual home at Europa-Park Rust in Germany’s Black Forest, and registration is now open! You’ll love the newly-streamlined registration system, which serves as your one-stop-shop for passes, hotel reservations, train tickets, and networking. We suggest you test it […]

Hotel Colosseo im Europa-Park

Hotel Colosseo at Europa-Park: Front Row Center at CloudFest Are you not entertained?! This Europa-Park hotel is where we rock at CloudFest. The Hotel Colosseo brings the style and detail that makes Europa-Park’s themed hotels famous. Its cozy restaurants and outdoor Italian-style piazza are perfect for meetings, and the Colosseo Bar is the iconic watering […]

Hotel El Andaluz im Europa-Park

Hotel El Andaluz at Europa-Park: Mediterranean Elegance at CloudFest Add the vibe of a luxurious Spanish estate to your CloudFest experience. The Hotel El Andaluz brings the experience of a Spanish finca (rural estate) to Europa-Park, and you can take full advantage of it at CloudFest 2022.    Packed with loving detail, this elegant and […]

Hotel Castillo Alcazar im Europa-Park

Hotel Castillo Alcazar at Europa-Park – Stay at a Spanish Castle for CloudFest Boring hotel experience for CloudFest 2022? ¡Olvídate! Stay at the Hotel Castillo Alcazar instead! When you show up at CloudFest 2022, Europa-Park greets you with some awesome themed hotel options. So why not spend the night like a knight?    The Hotel […]

Hotel Santa Isabel im Europa-Park

Hotel Santa Isabel at Europa-Park: A Taste of Portugal at CloudFest Experience the chill vibe of a Portuguese monastery for your stay at CloudFest 2022. Europa-Park’s themed hotels are the stuff of legend, and this one is an under-the-radar gem: of course we’re talking about the Hotel Santa Isabel, styled after a Portuguese monastery. The […]

Hotel Bell Rock im Europa-Park

Get that East Coast feel at CloudFest 2022: this Europa-Park Hotel is in the Heart of the Action. Europa-Park’s hotels are famous for going all-out with their themes, and the Hotel Bell Rock is a shining example of that! The vaulted entryway, the water features, and the iconic lighthouse tower make this hotel a landmark. […]

The Colosseo Bar: Where CloudFest Takes Care of Business

The first thing i learned as I started working with CloudFest (back when it was WorldHostingDays) was that there is this one spot that’s almost like a secret venue: the Colosseo Bar in the Hotel Colosseo. It has this kind of exclulsive inner-circle vibe going on, but anybody can just show up. People were saying […]

CloudFest Parkside: You’re Invited to Our Virtual Summer Party

It feels like coming home: CloudFest returns to Europa-Park on September 16! If you work in the cloud computing industry, you’re invited to CloudFest Parkside, our end-of-summer event, powered by Intel. This hybrid gathering combines the best of in-person meet-ups and virtual participation as we bring the Cloud industry together at that most iconic of […]

Hotel Krønasår

Scandinavian design and color? Top-notch food? A viking longship? A giant dragon skeleton? You can have it all at Hotel Kronasar! The Krønasår Museum-Hotel is Europa-Park’s newest luxury accommodation, and it opened in CloudFest 2020. They doubled down on Scandinavian style in outfitting its 276 themed rooms and 28 suites. If you spent time at […]

Loud in the Cloud Music Festival

Introducing the Loud in the Cloud Music Festival, only at CloudFest: Launching a Very Loud Tradition Unlike the Fyre Festival, Loud in the Cloud actually happened! Loud in the Cloud Music Festival Videos 2019 From its earliest days, CloudFest’s mandate has been to be as much of a festival as a conference, creating one-of-a-kind moments […]