Top Tips for Successful Speed Networking

Speed Networking—it’s more effective than speed-dating and also less awkward. You can make crucial business connections in a structured and friendly environment, face-to-face and one at a time, without too many distractions. It’s simple… but not always easy. After all, you’re meeting many new people, one after the other, for no more than a few […]

Learn How Hosts Can Enable Omnichannel Sales

There’s no doubt that ecommerce is playing an increasing role in the buying and selling of goods. In fact, online retail in the US will grow 8 to 12% this year – a rate that outpaces the growth of the wider industry by as much as threefold. Some estimate US online retail sales to surge […]

Gender Ex Machina: Handling A Hot Topic With Cool Hands

Handling A Hot Topic With Cool Hands The wounds from the “Google gender memo” are cutting deep through the media world, the social media world, and watercolor conversations everywhere. Should he have written it? Is he a “bad guy?” Is Google responding correctly? Should he have been fired? This article isn’t about any of that. […]

Make More Connections & Do More Business With Our App!

Just in time for WHD.india and NamesCon India on May 18 and 19, 2017, we have a new iOS and Android app that will help you stay organized and connect with fellow attendees. With the app, you can create your own personal event schedule, connect with other attendees, send direct messages to colleagues, participate in online discussions, […]