14 Top Tips for the Return to Face-to-Face Events

Here are 14 Top Tips for Your Return to Face-to-Face Events! So it’s probably been quite some time since you’ve been face-to-face at an in-person event. Since CloudFest features the best networking in the cloud computing and internet infrastructure industry, we want to be sure that you’re at your best once you get to Europa-Park. […]

CloudFest Agenda 2022

Your Very First Look at the CloudFest 2022 Agenda CloudFest Cloud Conference is just two and a half months away, and we’re ready to give you a taste of the cloudfest agenda 2022 we have lined up for the leaders, decision-makers, and visionaries of the internet infrastructure industry. These foundational sessions will give you a handle […]

The Sustainable Cloud

Can the Cloud save the planet? Here at CloudFest, we’re not shy about asking big questions – and this might be the biggest question of the moment. Day 2 of CloudFest 2022 is all about framing and exploring The Sustainable Cloud and planning a greener future for the technology that connects the world. The Cloud […]

The Intelligent Cloud

Nothing can stop the Cloud! As we all bounce back from the pandemic, we are not losing our focus on the key agent of change affecting the Cloud industry: artificial intelligence and its profound interrelation with Cloud computing is too important to ignore. The Intelligent Cloud The theme for CloudFest is The Intelligent Cloud. At […]

Tatiana Tropina Video: Should Cloud Companies Become Internet Cops?

Tatiana Tropina does not mince words! Biggie once said “Mo’ money, mo’ problems”, but in this case that can apply to hyperscale platforms whose clients push out billions of content nodes. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) described the passage of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive as “abandon[ing] common-sense and the advice of […]

Xavier Poisson: The Cloud is Not a Destination, It’s an Experience

In his keynote address, Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps, Hewlett Packard’s Vice President for Service Providers and Cloud28+ Worldwide, shared with the CloudFest crowd how technologies and alliances to shape the next generation of IT and break cloud stereotypes. Video Xavier Poisson There’s always a way to innovate faster with any cloud, anywhere, and at the […]

Graeme Hackland: Using Data To Achieve Excellence in Speed and Precision

Graeme Hackland is no stranger to the need for speed when it comes to moving data around – he’s the CIO of Williams Racing, a leading Formula 1 team and engineering company. Hackland spoke at CloudFest to share some of the amazing data science that goes into achieving Formula 1 racing success. Williams started in […]

Blake Irving Videos – GoDaddy’s CEO

Blake Irving, GoDaddy’s CEO, is facing the changing tides of technologies, customer needs and industry consolidation, it’s very difficult to run an effective company in the hosting and cloud computing space without building solid partnerships. Videos Blake Irving Sharing is Caring It seems that the only ways to survive in cloud and hosting is to […]

Robert Jacobi – Joomla President

At WHD.usa, Joomla President Robert Jacobi explains the opportunity of making an IT product that appeals to a wider customer base than before, and how to help these customers understand how your solution fits into their business goals. Robert Jacobi Video It used to take a team of experts to run a corporate IT network […]

WHD India Recap

One of WorldHostingDays’ most exciting regional events, WHD.india 2017, in Mumbai, and we couldn’t be happier with how it went! WHD India 2017 WHD India 2017 had something for anyone interested in the rapidly expanding cloud and internet market in India and beyond. It had a jam-packed schedule of keynote presentations and sessions with industry […]