Speaker Tim Schumacher: the Future of Online Ads & Ad Blockers

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Bad ads ruin online experiences - no wonder ad blocking tools are so popular

WHD.global Speaker Tim Schumacher

WHD.global speaker Tim Schumacher – an Internet innovator with a strong belief that bad ads are ruining online experiences.

WHD.global is a festival celebrating internet technology and culture, and we can’t help but address the impact of ad-blocking software like Adblock Plus on the multi-billion dollar digital media industry.

Video AdBlock Plus and Tim Schumacher

About Tim Schumacher

In the past, Schumacher was CEO of domain and website marketplace SEDO. He’s now the co-founder and chairman of Eyeo.com, which makes Adblock Plus, the world’s most popular ad blocking tool. Adblock Plus stops the worst ads like popups and auto-play videos. It has more than 100 million users.

Adblocker Plus also keeps a whitelist of “acceptable ads” which show by default. Adblock Plus users have the option of turning off all ads (including these acceptable ads), but only about a quarter of users do this. This provides an incentive for publishers to adopt better ad practices so they’ll get shown.

But many publishers still feel threatened by Adblocker Plus, and are battling them in court. So far, Adblock Plus has won all court challenges, resulting in several rulings stating that blocking ads isn’t a crime.

In his presentation at WHD.global, Schumacher will outline the current state of online advertising and share his views on new alternatives to ad-driven media. He will also address future innovations in online advertising in a world where ad blocking is becoming the norm.

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