Tatiana Tropina: Our Latest Keynote Speaker is a Cybersecurity Expert

Meet a globally recognized researcher and consultant on cybercrime and online human rights at CloudFest 2019

Cybercriminals probably hate her, but those of us who want a safe and fair internet love her. Tatiana Tropina, a government-level cybersecurity researcher and consultant, is joining us as a keynote speaker. Governments and NGOs around the world seek out Tatiana’s expertise, and we’re excited to learn from her.

Tatiana was the first Russian researcher to defend a PhD thesis on cybercrime, and her career reads as a crusade against digital criminals worldwide.

For the past decade, Tatiana has been involved in both legal research and various applied cybercrime projects at the international level. Her areas of research include international cybercrime-fighting standards; the comparative analysis of cybercrime legislation; self- and co-regulation; public-private partnerships to address cybersecurity challenges; cybersecurity and human rights; and multi-stakeholder approaches to fight cybercrime.

She’s also a GNSO Councillor for ICANN, working to make sure gTLDs operate smoothly and fairly across the global internet.

This will be a great presentation, and you don’t want to miss it. We have more announcements coming soon as well, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, since Yoshitaka Sakurada, Japan’s head of cybersecurity, has apparently never actually used a computer, he should get in touch with Tatiana right away. We’d tell him that her Twitter handle is @gap_the_mind, but…

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