Speaker Mikko Hyppönen: Forecast of the Big Digital Threats & What you can do to protect yourself

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The Digital Battle Against Extortionists, Scammers, Terrorists & Spies in a World that’s Gone Online

Get a view behind the trenches of the battle against extortionists, scammers, terrorists, and spies in a world that's gone online

Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer at F-Secure in Finland, says that cyber criminals are finding ways to get this data and profit from it. And if you’re working with data, you have to worry about data leaks. Practically all computers and phones are now connected to the internet, and even kitchen appliances and cars are now coming online – think of all the data that is being collected and what if it falls into the wrong hands!

Video Mikko Hyppönen – Forecast of the Big Digital Threats & What you can do to protect yourself

About Mikko Hyppönen – International Security Expert

From F-Secure’s headquarters in Finland, Mikko Hypponen leads an elite team that has unearthed some of the world’s biggest online threats. Among the many viruses he’s found include the infamous Storm Worm, and the Blaster Worm which caused a severe power outage in the North-Eastern US that left 32 million people in the dark. Be has also led classified briefings on the Stuxnet worm, an enormously complex worm aimed at sabotaging Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities. He’s widely regarded in the industry and was named one of PC World’s 50 Most Important People on the Web. He’s also one of very few security researchers with a reputation that has gained mainstream attention. He was the subject of a Vanity Fair profile, and was listed in Foreign Policy’s list of Top 100 Global Thinkers. With professional experience in security research stretching back to the early 90’s, Mikko has a wealth of knowledge and continues to take a forward-looking approach as new threats emerge, and as governments, corporations and criminals become more sophisticated at using viruses as weapons of extortion, theft, fraud, and surveillance.

One of the leading experts keeping the internet safe is Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Office at Finland’s F-Secure Corporation. He leads a team that helps keep the internet safe and open by discovering malware outbreaks and vulnerabilities, and bringing down botnets.

And you and your business could suffer!

The annual global cost of cybercrime is set to grow from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 trillion by 2021. Everything from banking to transportation is becoming digitally connected. Our world is quickly going online. This is a hugely positive development but it also means that computer viruses, digital surveillance, information theft and service outages have more impact than ever before.

In many ways it’s also becoming harder to deal with these threats. A wider range of devices can now be infected or co-opted including workstations and laptops, but also smartphones, wearables and smart devices. Cybercrime syndicates are able to fund the development of new viruses. Many governments are also putting their efforts into digitally spying on their citizens and even engaging in cyber warfare.

Luckily, there are people fighting back against these threats.

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