Laura Dekker – Learn to take on the world from the youngest person to sail around the world

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Laura set out to sail around the world. On her own.

Laura will be telling her amazing story of perseverance. You'll inspired to face your fears and go new places in your business.

While her peers were shopping in malls and hanging music posters on their bedroom walls, Laura Dekker was purchasing her first sailboat and preparing for the greatest adventure of her life.

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How to Conquer the World When Everyone Tells You “No”

About Laura Dekker

At age 14, Laura Dekker set out on a life-changing journey that defied nature, worried family members, and even court orders. In 2010, Laura set out to sail around the world. On her own.

She completed her amazing journey eighteen months and more than 27,000 miles later at the age of 16. She was the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe alone.

Her inspiring story on her boat “Guppy” was documented in the 2013 film “Maidentrip” and her memoir “One Girl One Dream” which chronicle the obstacles she overcame – including a skeptical family, naysayers, the media, and even official court orders that stood between her and her dreams. Currently, her home is in her boat in New Zealand – but a journey elsewhere can come as quickly as a Nor’wester wind.

Laura is an inspiration to anyone who’s ever wanted to conquer the world. She faced things like terrifying storms and the isolation of being alone at sea, and you’ll see the similarities to the challenges you face in your pursuits.

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