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What the Future holds: Technology Futurist Ian Khan

He shares his insights regarding emerging technologies and their effect on trust

With the surfacing of Cloud, AI, and now Blockchain, trust is redefined and has new applications. Technology futurist Ian Khan, a thought leader within the emerging technology stratosphere, has been tapped by CloudFest to speak to the implications of these new technologies and their effect on a business’s trust factor.

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Based on his upcoming book “(Re)Trust”, Ian will explore how these amazing advancements are redefining “trust” as the new currency of business in the modern world.

Blockchain Will Fix It

Block Chain Will Fix It was the presentation delivered by Ian Khan at last year’s WHD.global. Sharing thoughts on what the future holds but specifically how technologists can influence its outcome by using technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things, AI, cloud, big data, and so much more. Massive change is within reach if we choose it.

“If business success can be attributed to one thing, it is trust,” says Ian Khan. “Over time, trust has evolved, changed and continues to be at the center of everything we do.”

About Ian Khan

Ian Khan has a storied 20-year career as an emerging technology expert. He is a speaker and author committed to supporting organizations in gaining a competitive edge within technology’s changing landscape. He is a founding member of IOTAC (Internet of Things Association of Canada) and passionate about helping newer generations to develop a key understanding of technology and its impact.

Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality are some of the hot trends you’ll hear tech pundits talk about. Some say they’ll make life better (or worse), make jobs obsolete, and basically change everything.

But how will they really affect your business?

Acclaimed futurist and leading voice in the technology space Ian Khan isn’t one to be easily taken in by fads. In his WHD.usa presentation, he will cut through the hype, and tell the internet infrastructure community what they actually need to know about all this future-tech buzzword soup.

Ian is passionate about helping new generations develop key technology understanding, and how to use it to help businesses and nonprofits forge ahead.

A respected voice in the industry, Ian is a three-time TEDx speaker, and host of the Innovation Times Podcast. He’s the author of Meaningful Conversations, Cloud Wars, The Internet of Things (IoT) A Concise Introduction, and The Internet of Things & the Future of Innovation. His latest book is “Meaningful Conversations- Value Creation in the Era of Digital Disruption”, targeted at technology industry professionals seeking to create more value from where they are and with what they have.

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