Göran Marby Video: Put the power of the future of the Internet into your hands

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Shape the Future of the Internet - Your Business Depends On It

Göran Marby is the CEO and President of ICANN

Göran Marby, ICANN CEO, engages the Internet community on how they can help shape the Internet of tomorrow.

Göran Marby Video

Put the power of the future of the Internet into your hands

ICANN is a non-profit that plays a key role in coordinating the technical infrastructure around domain names. In this presentation, ICANN CEO and President Göran Marby explains how ICANN policies can affect your business. He also explains how you can get involved in the multi-stakeholder decision making process – and have a say in how the internet is run.

In late 2016, the U.S. relinquished management of key parts of the Internet to ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the non-profit body that is responsible for the proper functioning of the Internet’s global Domain Name System (DNS). There was a good deal of controversy in the change, including Congressional hearings led by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, who framed it as then President Obama ‘giving away’ the Internet to China and Russia.

About Göran Marby

He is joining us to break down what you need to know. Göran Marby is the CEO and President of ICANN. Göran is in charge of ICANN’s now expanded role, and he’ll be reached out to the Internet community at WHD with his presentation, “Shape the Future of the Internet: Your Business Depends On It”. You’ll learn what you need to do to prepare for the Internet of tomorrow.

Some worried about the impact the changes would have on the future of the free and open Internet. Some saw it as the only way for the Internet to stay global.

Now the change has happened, and it’s time to see what the impacts are really going to be.

ICANN has an important oversight role over aspects of the global DNS. ICANN, among other things, is required to ensure that the DNS stays secure, stable and resilient, and it’s now doing so without the oversight of the U.S. government. Since the entire WHD community relies upon the DNS to operate our businesses, what ICANN does is vital to our businesses.

Indeed, these changes are important to the entire future of the Internet.but they can also be hard to understand.

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