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Hear from one of the pioneers of streaming digital content

Fabian Thylmann built an adult content empire based on a sturdy technological backbone, and will be sharing his story at WHD

Fabian Thylmann was among the most important innovators in the streaming of adult content. Before streaming video became mainstream, he founded Manwin (now MindGeek) which is the company that would eventually host the most popular adult websites in the world. This includes YouPorn, MyDirtyHobby, Pornhub and others. But handling huge volumes of data and traffic is no small task and has required his team to come up with some extremely creative solutions. From formats like VHS tapes and DVDs to today’s streaming services, it’s undeiable that the desire to watch pornography has helped move technology forward.

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The Technology Behind the World’s Largest Network of Adult Sites

About Fabian Thylmann

Fabian Thylmann started his first programming venture right out of school in 1997 by founding a company focused on statistical analysis and high-traffic websites.

He then started the Manwin Group (now MindGeek) in 2004 which he grew to be the largest adult entertainment operator in the world in just five years. The sites in its network included YouPorn, PornHub, MyDirtyHobby, Brazzers and others which generated over 16 billion hits per month in total.

Fabian Thylmann

Fabian stepped down from the company and sold his stake in October 2013 to focus on investing in early-stage startups through his new company, SN Invests, and to operate a co-working space in Brussels called SN-Cube. He’s highly regarded in the mainstream technology community as an innovator and thought leader.

Innovation Lessons from the Adult Industry

In his exclusive presentation, “The Lust for Capacity and Scale”, Fabian will discuss how the company dealt with the rapid popularity of its sites and how its technology-first approach created new solutions to get content to massive numbers of people – even if they won’t admit to watching it. Don’t miss out on this remarkable presentation – reserve your ticket now!

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