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Eugeny is telling the inside story of Ultimate-Guitar's success at our stage

Our rockstar lineup kicks off with Eugeny Naidenov!

Ultimate Guitar founder Eugeny Naidenov is talking at stage at Europa-Park. You’ll get to hear from Eugeny how he went from posting a few tabs of his favorite Guns N’ Roses songs in 1998 to running one of the top websites. Along the way, there were technical challenges to scaling, and the recording industry wasn’t always receptive to the site’s premise.

Video Eugeny Naidenov

Eugeny Naidenov is telling the inside story of Ultimate-Guitar’s success at our stage.

About Eugeny Naidenov

Eugeny Naidenov Ultimate Guitar founder Eugeny Naidenov

If you’ve ever aspired to be the next Jimi Hendrix or Eddie Van Halen, you’ve likely visited Ultimate-Guitar, the number-one destination for learning songs – all powered by a dedicated community that crowdsources song chords and tabs. In fact, with Ultimate Guitar’s community including 250 million musicians, it’s larger than SnapChat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest!

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