Brian Behlendorf Helped Code the Modern Internet… and He’s Not Done Yet

From the Apache HTTP server to Burning Man and beyond

We’re happy to announce coder Brian Behlendorf as a keynote speaker for CloudFest 2019. Brian is probably most famous for developing the Apache HTTP server, but that only scratches the surface.

Brian has served as CTO of the World Economic Forum, but did you know he was also one of the original technologists for the Burning Man festival? Now he serves as Executive Director of the open source Hyperledger project at the Linux Foundation, advancing blockchain technology from the Wild-West state it’s currently in.

Brian is a longtime subverter of corporate software culture, to be sure, but he does it for our own good. We’re just gonna go ahead and say it: this man is a true software guru, and he has a lot to teach us. Make sure not to miss him at CloudFest 2019.

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