Turning on the Charm: Small-Town German Hotels for CloudFest 2020

These village-style hotels will keep you right in the heart of the action with an old-world vibe.

When you think of a small German town, what comes to mind? Wood panels, gabled roofs, those little winding streets… Maybe the chirping of birds and neighing of horses. It’s like stepping into another world, or even going back in time.

If you’re joining us for CloudFest 2020, you can take that trip—there are some wonderful small hotel options right near Europa-Park that help you experience the best of both worlds: the connectivity and action of CloudFest, and that laid-back village vibe.

Europa-Park is located in the quaint little town of Rust, whose narrow and winding lanes hide some cool old-school hotels. This is a very small town, so each hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from the main entrance to Europa-Park and the CloudFest experience. In nearby Ringsheim, our conference shuttle will whisk you to and from all of the sessions and parties—you won’t miss a thing. (Since this is still 21st-Century Europe, all of these hotels have free WiFi and parking. Like, of course.)

So if you don’t fancy the big-hotel scene, take a walk into a new world! This is one of the things that makes CloudFest so amazing: there are so many different ways to experience it, and many ways to make it your own. With our new Registration Tool, you can book your event pass and accommodation all at once, in just moments. You can click the button down to register for free!


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