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Your next IT consumers won’t all be geeks - is your product & marketing ready?

At WHD.usa, Joomla President Robert Jacobi explains the opportunity of making an IT product that appeals to a wider customer base than before, and how to help these customers understand how your solution fits into their business goals.

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It used to take a team of experts to run a corporate IT network and web applications – but not anymore! Software-as-a-Service has made it possible for companies and individuals to use IT services on-demand via the cloud. They don’t have to rely on computer “geeks” to run everything like they used to.

Software and service providers need to know that it’s no longer the geeks in IT making all the purchasing decisions. It could be anyone. The challenge is now building solutions that are easy to use and that clearly bring value. And the messaging of these products needs to be in language that appeals to them.

About Robert Jacobi

Robert Jacobi is Founder of Arc Technology Group, a leading Joomla web development consultancy in Chicago that was founded in 2000. Arc works with Fortune 50 companies, mid-market businesses, and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Robert is one of the foremost experts in content management and web development. He is also a regular keynote presenter on enterprise topics at Joomla events including Joomla Days, JandBeyond and Joomla World Conference.

At WHD.usa, you’ll get to see Robert and an all-star lineup of tech visionaries who will help you take your business to the next level.

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