CloudFest Partnership with the Netherlands

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The Netherlands will join CloudFest as partner country for our upcoming event

This is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase the exciting happenings taking place in this robust cloud and hosting market.

We at CloudFest are pleased to announce the Netherlands as partner country for our global event. This designation represents a CloudFest first and aligns with our overall growth and evolution from conference to full-blown festival. The Netherlands has long been considered the European leader in overall connectivity and internet usage and our partnership provides a keen opportunity to highlight their vast contribution to the global cloud and hosting sectors. In anticipation of our event, we had the pleasure of speaking to two of the Dutch delegates attending CloudFest so that we might gain a better understanding of their local market.

Sven Visser – Cyso Group, Managing Director / Co-founder; Chairman of the DHPA (Dutch Hosting Provider Association) and Chairman of DINL (Digital Infrastructure Netherlands)

Please provide a broad overview of your company’s ecosystem of solutions/services offered.

The Cyso Group consists of 3 companies: – a public cloud based on OpenStack technology, – web hosting, SSL, VPS, e-mail and domains and – a managed hosting provider.

What are your key goals in attending CloudFest 2018?

To meet other Dutch cloud companies and several suppliers. We will also be on the lookout for interesting new suppliers for example – a website building system.

How would you categorize the state of the cloud and hosting environment within the Netherlands?

The Dutch market is very competitive with almost 4700 companies claiming to do something with the cloud. Around 150 of them can be considered a serious player. Serious competition is also coming from “The Americans” Google, AWS, and Microsoft.

With security being such a hot-button issue, what measures do you have in place to manage customer concerns?

With the DHPA we work on setting standards for the entire sector. We have for example an SLA framework so we know that a customer gets all their issues addressed. Every company has their own version, but the framework creates definitions. Making SLA’s comparable to each other. Of course, we also have certifications like ISO27001 and ISO20000.

How does your company manage to remain innovative?

One reason we started was to become more innovative. With OpenStack we’re challenging ourselves and we’re competing from within as Cyso is a Vmware focused company. You can’t do OpenStack without thinking about containers, network virtualization, etc.


Marco Boomsma –, Chief Commercial Officer

Please provide a broad overview of your company’s ecosystem of solutions/services offered.

We are experts in performance hosting. is a managed hosting provider founded in 2004 and now operates 10,500 servers in 26 data centers worldwide. We provide global hosting solutions with a performance guarantee and 24/7 support. Our services include multi-cloud capacity, co-location, dedicated server hosting, enterprise game hosting, and specialty solutions such as anti-DDoS, MPLS and IP Transit.

What do you see as your company’s competitive advantage?

We realize the growth ambition of our customers and future customers through our global presence and our ultra-low latency network. We deliver high-performance datacenter services, bare metal infrastructure, cloud environments and networking solutions on a global scale. Our 14+ years of experience with demanding enterprises have helped us perfect our services for the most critical customer of them all; the gamer. Our in-house developed software and state of the art infrastructure are built for performance.

What key trends are you seeing develop within the region and how would you say they compare with what you are seeing on a more global scale?

The hosting industry is commoditizing fast; maybe faster than any other industry. What we see is that customers don’t care about the infrastructure anymore. They expect it to be up and running 24/7. They care about their business-critical applications and the price tag corresponding to these applications being available, but most importantly they want one party to manage all of this for them.

What areas/products/services are you looking to develop and/or optimize in the future?

To achieve scalability at more attractive costs, we will soon launch our solution for Multi-Cloud Scaling to meet the(Cloud) Hosting Strategy of some of our bigger customers. I am not surprised about the interest in this area, given the time and knowledge that we have invested with these customers to develop an ideal solution.

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