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What makes Moscow so special?

WorldHostingDays is returning to Moscow for WHD.moscow for the fifth time. Each year has been better then the last. The numbers are impressive, but it's about so much more than the numbers.

WHD is returning to Moscow for WHD.moscow 2017 on November 9th. It’s our fifth year in this amazing city and our team is really looking forward to a great event. But what makes Moscow so special?

More Than Numbers

It’s so much more than raw statistics, but those statistics are impressive. With 13.2 million residents in the city limits and more than 17 million in the metropolitan area, Moscow is a top-ten international city and the largest city in Europe. It is the political and intellectual heart of Russia itself. Moscow is also the cultural capital – home to its famous ballet, museums, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and the famous Red Square. And the downtown has been revitalized with soaring, modernist architecture and new public spaces.

If for no other reasons, this major world capital should be on every traveler’s bucket-list. But if you are in the hosting and cloud industry, there’s so much more.

The Heart of Internet and Technology in Eastern Europe

Moscow has one more very important distinction. It is also the technological center of Russia and Eastern Europe. There are more than 200 colleges, universities, and technical vocational schools here. Hundreds of technology companies are based in this thriving metropolis.

Moscow is even home to the massive Skolkovo Innovation Center – with nearly 1200 technology startups from across Russia located there. And recently, international accounting giant Ernst & Young ranked Moscow as #5 in technology VC spending. There’s just no denying – Moscow is where all the action is.

WHD.moscow – You Won’t Want to Miss a Minute of It

Last year, more than 400 hosting, cloud, and internet professional from across Eastern Europe and around the world arrived in the heart of Moscow to access the latest innovations, products, and services. And this year is going to be even better. We are lining up leading experts in cloud technology, software, and services to make WHD.moscow 2017 the most valuable event in Russia this year.

And 47% of the attendees were senior leaders in local technology companies – Director level or above. If you are looking for an opportunity to access this top-ten market or to collaborate with an industry peer already operating here, WHD.moscow is your opportunity. It is going to be a great opportunity.

WHD.moscow will take place on November 9th at the Holiday Inn Moscow/Sokolniki Hotel – just off the famous Third Ring Road in the middle of everything. It’s not too late to attend and registration is free. Sign up now to make sure you reserve your seat for the technology event of the season in Russia.

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