Marie Douglas: New Model for Your Competitive Advantage in the Cloud

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IBM's Marie Douglas on the Cognitive Enterprise

The Cognitive Enterprise is the next logical step in the digital transformation, said Marie Douglas, Vice President, Global Technology Service Providers (CSPs, MSPs) at IBM, in her CloudFest keynote. Customers are aware that now is the time to develop new applications and start moving traditional mission-critical enterprise applications into an open hybrid-cloud environment, and foster innovation by overlaying applications with artificial intelligence to serve enterprise best-of-class needs to deliver impact at scale.

She walks the walk, too, having automated her home as much as possible – even with competitors’ products: “I’m so AI, it’s ridiculous!”

Over the past few years, she said, the cloud has become integral to growth and innovation strategies. It has allowed enterprises to tap into more sources of data, both their own and their customers’.

Modernization of existing applications is the next big wave.

said Douglas. Twice.

Because it’s that important. Migration, modernization, innovation, and management of applications all rely on migrating to the cloud.

Video CloudFest Keynote Marie Douglas

You have also the ability to watch the whole presentation in this video:

“Here’s the thing: you need to overlay with artificial intelligence,” said Douglas. “That’s what we call Chapter Two. It’s the next logical step in digital transformation.”

This needs to be done according to a plan, though: don’t just dump data and apps into the cloud like you’re loading a washing machine. “You can end up in unforeseen silos,” warned Douglas, “making it tough to manage security, compliance, resiliency, and governance.”

“Multi-cloud management gives you seamless visibility,” said Douglas, with world-class security. “We are here to help you get your journey right,” she said. Businesses struggle to manage the data sources they already have, never mind trying to wrangle new streams. This leads to slower time to insight: “When you’re identifying opportunities for innovation, you can end up with a lot of data challenges.”

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