Making Sense and Making Money – The Numbers Behind India’s Huge Online Potential


India has a growing economy and the world's most internet users, but there's even more fueling this country's impressive online growth.

Why does WHD continue to be one of WorldHostingDays’ largest regional events? And why did we bring NamesCon there this year? A major reason is the huge demand! India has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit, love of education and technology, a rapidly expanding middle class, and the will to take business global.

India represents a new frontier of internet opportunity. This post will explain some of the reasons why starting off with domain growth.

India Already Leads the World in Domains

The global demand for domain names is strong – it’s grown 8.7% annually over the last three years. But over the same period, India’s domain market grew at a blistering pace of 11.9%. See the infographic below:

China is also growing fast, but lags behind India in terms of its number of domains and websites.

And while China has a larger overall economy and a similar sized population, many believe India’s business culture – its focus on small-and-medium enterprises – makes it unique.

India has many large organizations, but its 51 million SMEs has an opportunity to grow online. And with only 4.9 million India-centered domains in existence, millions of SMEs will be bringing their businesses online in the coming years.

Huge Pent-up Demand Means Exceptional Opportunity

In addition to the number of businesses, the overall demographic numbers are truly staggering. India has more than 1.3 billion people – and half of them are under 25 years old.

But the country with 17.6% of the world’s population currently has only 1.5% of active domains. With the combind effect of economic growth, a larger middle class, and tech-savvy young people, the market for domains and internet services is set to take off.

Things are looking good.

Beating China in Economic Growth

Per capita GDP in India has risen every year for more than a decade — even throughout the Great Recession, demonstrating an amazing resiliency. And the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is forecasting a growth rate at a world-leading 7.2% pace well into 2018 — leading the world and even surpassing China’s most optimistic estimates of growth.

The Reasons Are Clear

The numbers speak for themselves – India is the most exciting marketplace for domains and domain services in the world. That’s why WHD and NamesCon have joined forces with back-to-back events in India. The internet and cloud industry is growing and India is going to be a very big part of its future. Being at WHD and NamesCon ensures you’ll be there when it happens.

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