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Hotel Kronasar is a Scandinavian-Themed Europa-Park Museum-Hotel

Scandinavian design and color? Top-notch food? A viking longship? A giant dragon skeleton? You can have it all at Hotel Kronasar!

The Krønasår Museum-Hotel is Europa-Park’s newest luxury accommodation, and it opened in CloudFest 2020. They doubled down on Scandinavian style in outfitting its 276 themed rooms and 28 suites. If you spent time at the Colosseo or Bell Rock hotels at a former CloudFest, you’d have noticed the construction – and now the Krønasår is ready for us.

In this beautiful resort hotel, you’ll find:

  • A bar inspired by the Viking Leif Erikson: we can’t guarantee that you’ll discover a new continent, but you’ll have a great time networking here.
  • Dining options from buffet to high-end modern: if you’ve ever wanted to eat beneath a Viking longship, this is your chance.
  • Historical artifacts from generations of maritime adventure: from the adorable to the odd, you’ll see something that makes you smile around every corner.
  • The delightful attention to detail that makes Europa-Park so famous.
  • Free high-speed internet access throughout the hotel.
  • Free onsite parking if you need it, as well as CloudFest shuttle service to and from Offenberg station if you’re taking the train to the festival.
  • Free shuttle service to CloudFest events so you stay part of all the action.

So clearly there’s only one sensible thing to do: take this place over for CloudFest 2022!

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