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Or, "Store More, Move Faster, Process Everything"

Jeff Wittich

If we look back a few decades, we were running one monolithic application on one single server, said Jeff Wittich, Senior Director of Cloud Service Providers for Intel, in his CloudFest keynote:

Things luckily evolved past that!

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Building Next Generation Cloud

Digital retail will soon become $4.9 trillion market, and digital advertising also has tremendous room for growth as our lives move more completely online. 360-degree video? Also growing.

Once virtualization was introduced, we were able to run multiple applications per server, each with its own OS. Then came on-demand virtual machines, which allowed for multi-tenancy, self-service, and automation; and these things became table stakes.

Now cloud services are everywhere… and they’re totally blowing up. Wittich said that the growth of the underlying services relying on this infrastructure is the driver of this overall explosive growth: “It’s not just from the efficiency gains of the technology alone.”

Cloud providers have to think about how their infrastructure will be consumed, said Wittich.

“All of these explosive cloud services, these are the catalysts for business transformation,” said Wittich, “but there are some roadblocks here.”

Legacy infrastructure is a main offender here: it’s important that business initiatives align with what’s happening with technology, said Wittich. It’s not just about technology: it’s about agility as well. “Over the next couple of years, over 80% of businesses will use the public cloud,” said Wittich, with around 40% of their operations running there.

We’re moving from an era of human-generated data to one of machine-generated data, said Wittich, and we have to make sure we’re using it correctly: “There’s a lot of data out there that’s not being used today.” We need to store more, move faster, and process everything if we want to be considered truly data-centric.

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Jeff Wittich, Senior Director of Cloud Service Providers for Intel, shared insights during his keynote speak at CloudFest on video

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