Interview with Lords of Uptime: Eric Tholomé and Ike Fast

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The Lords of Uptime are pleased to welcome new members into the fold in anticipation of CloudFest

We had the opportunity to steal some time from Eric Tholomé and Ike Fast during their rehearsal with the band to gain insight into their love of music.

“Just in case you missed the news, those rock n’ roll “Bad Boys of the Internet” – the Lords of Uptime – are currently getting in tune for their highly anticipated return to the stage during CloudFest 2018. The line-up for this year’s concert is looking a bit different for the band after they said a fond farewell to their previous drummer Blake Irving (former CEO GoDaddy.) Pleased to be welcoming not only one but two new members into the fold, CloudFest was able to catch up with the band members during a practice session in January in order to gain a bit of insight into their musical backgrounds and thoughts on their debut performance with these trailblazers of the cloud and hosting industries.

Eric Tholomé, CEO 1&1 Internet SE (Saxophone / Keyboard)

CloudFest: How long have you been involved in music Eric?

Eric: I have been involved in music my whole life. At the end of the day, I am a self-taught musician, learning to play different instruments in order to expand my musical horizons. My first instrument was the oboe which I played in the school band. I ultimately switched to the saxophone which is my real love. I consider myself more classically trained as opposed to a rock n’ roll band type, so this is certainly a new thing for me.

CloudFest: How did you become involved with the Lords of Uptime?

Eric: That came by way of Laurent (Laurent Allard Vice Chairman Executive Board Member OVH – Lord’s bass player.) We were chatting on the phone one day and he asked me if I might be interested. As I am always up for a challenge, I did not need convincing and said yes immediately.

CloudFest: What do you have to say in advance to the fans of the Lords who are eager to see them again in March?

Eric: I think this band is really cool. I am really excited and terrified at the same time. It has been 10 years since I last found myself on stage… as a musician that is!

Ike Fast, CMO of and longterm CloudFest Moderator (Drums)

CloudFest: Tell us about your musical career Ika.

Ike: The drums have been my passion all my life. I love playing in a band and have been involved with one in some form or fashion for as long as I can remember.

What inspired you to get involved with the Lords?

Ike: I have been a long-term moderator at CloudFest…really since the beginning. When the drum seat opened up after Blake stepped down, I was invited to join.

CloudFest: How do you intend to prepare for your time on stage?

Ike: Youtube is a great resource for me. I like to find videos of the songs on our set list and simply play along. It’s great practice. Also Spotify. Simply listening to the music at home or in my car allows it to just seep into my subconscious and take hold.

CloudFest: Any final thoughts to share with the audience members of CloudFest anticipating the return of the Lords?

Ike: This is an exciting experience. As a put-together band, uniting for a limited time, we are focused on making something great for the crowd at CloudFest.

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