Mike Godwin & Mike Masnick: Internet has changed Communication

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From memes to emojis to trolls to fake news, the internet has opened up a whole new can of worms.

At WHD.usa, the inventors of Godwin’s Law and The Streisand Effect will discuss how we talk when we’re online.

Internet has changed Communication: Communicating between your friends, colleagues, and clients can be pretty different between in-person and online. At WHD.usa, we’ll be hosting a fireside chat with Mike Godwin and Mike Masnick – two people who have made important observations around online discourse.

Have you ever felt that people make wild accusations and comparisons online? American attorney and author Mike Godwin is the inventor of Godwin’s Law – the rule that states any online discussion will eventually leads to a Hitler analogy if it goes on long enough. Even in the early days of online messageboards, it wouldn’t take long for someone to make an overblown comparison between a politician (or even a fellow poster) to the orchestrator of the Holocaust.

The Streisand Effect

The Streisand Effect was a term coined by TechDirt founder and editor Mike Masnick to refer to the backfire that happens when trying to hide information inadvertently draws attention to it. The name comes from Barbara Streisand, whose elaborate attempts to take down online photos of her Californian mansion made it more widely publicized. Even if you’re not a triple-threat star, it’s sometimes better just to ignore something posted online than to actively retaliate.

Mike Godwin & Mike Masnick

Internet has changed Communication

At WHD.usa, Godwin and Masnick will be discussing how the Internet has changed the way we communicate in a fireside chat moderated by i2Coaliton Executive Director Christian Dawson. These experts will debate how the internet has made the way we talk about issues better or worse – and if there’s anything we can do to improve how we communicate.

Be at the cutting edge of the web’s future and understand how cultural shifts will affect your customers and your business.

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