Adding Color and Action to Booths with Huge LED Walls

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LUMIN8 is a new way for exhibitors to stand out!

LUMIN8 is our latest innovation: a huge 3m display for Gold-level exhibitor booths

Want to stand out at Let us introduce you to LUMIN8, a three-metre back-lit panel that displays bright, sharp graphics. It fits perfectly in a Gold-level booth, and is also available with an integrated LCD monitor stand. LUMIN8 is easy to order through the team and we will do the setup for you. is a unique gathering of industry leaders and customers from across the cloud and internet industries. It’s a great opportunity for exhibitors, and we’re always looking for ways to help them make a great impression with attendees.

LUMIN8 isn’t just any screen. We needed something that could display extremely bright and clear images, and that would be the perfect dimensions for a booth. In the photos below, you’ll see WHD’s Head of Production Tell Ritterbach examining the LED panels.

Having run WHD since 2003, we like to know we know a thing or two about booths, and what draws attention. We can honestly say that LUMIN8 meets and exceeds our expectations.

Order LUMIN8 for your booth today!


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