Hotel Santa Isabel im Europa-Park

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Hotel Santa Isabel - A Taste of Portugal at CloudFest

Hotel Santa Isabel at Europa-Park: A Taste of Portugal at CloudFest

Experience the chill vibe of a Portuguese monastery for your stay at CloudFest 2022.

Europa-Park’s themed hotels are the stuff of legend, and this one is an under-the-radar gem: of course we’re talking about the Hotel Santa Isabel, styled after a Portuguese monastery. The cathedral-like lobby welcomes you with a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, but keep an eye out for the entrance to the cozy underground bar!

Hotel Santa Isabel Hotel Santa Isabel Doppelzimmer Hotel Santa Isabel Europa-Park

With its Four Star Superior rating, think of this Europa-Park hotel as “monk with a dash of funk”: CloudFest’s signature energetic vibe makes its presence felt, as the Santa Isabel hosts the Hackathon as well as the more intimate networking events such as the Night Talk series.

Also, don’t let its name fool you: the Beer Cellar underground bar has some amazing wine, too, and we speak from experience! Still, if getting proper rest is your scene, then you’ve come to the right castle: this is the chillest of the main theme hotels at the festival. The whole space helps you lower your heart rate after CloudFest’s mind-expanding days and pulse-pounding nights.

From the standard rooms to the VIP themed suites, the attention to detail at the Hotel Santa Isabel will surprise and delight you. Also included:

  • Free breakfast at the Sala Santa Isabel restaurant
  • Free high-speed Internet access, so you can send old-world-style selfies to your friends back home
  • Free onsite parking if you need it – otherwise just take the free CloudFest shuttle from Offenburg station and you’ll be dropped off within steps of this hotel.
  • Access to all Europa-Park hotel amenities such as the spa and gym

All of CloudFest’s sessions, parties, and attractions are just moments away with the Europa-Park Express monorail or VIP shuttle; or just a short walk if you’re up for it.

This fantastic monastic affair will bring some flair to your CloudFest experience: book a room at the Hotel Santa Isabel!



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