Hotel Colosseo im Europa-Park

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Hotel Colosseo - where we rock at CloudFest

Hotel Colosseo at Europa-Park: Front Row Center at CloudFest

Are you not entertained?! This Europa-Park hotel is where we rock at CloudFest.

The Hotel Colosseo brings the style and detail that makes Europa-Park’s themed hotels famous. Its cozy restaurants and outdoor Italian-style piazza are perfect for meetings, and the Colosseo Bar is the iconic watering hole for the CloudFest community. Besides being the most popular hotel, The Colosseo is one of the most well-used (and well-loved) venues at CloudFest.

Hotel Colosseo Hotel Colosseo Doppelzimmer Hotel Colosseo Europa-Park

The stylistic touches of ancient Rome and modern Italy can be found everywhere you look. The elevator to the Colosseo Bar is like something out of a Wes Anderson film, and the main entryway, where CloudFest’s VIP shuttles collect and drop off party-going attendees, will make you feel like the star of your own James Bond movie.

With its awesome Colosseum structure, the Hotel Colosseo’s piazza hosts CloudFest’s legendary concerts, so you’re always literally steps away from the after-dark action. This hotel also plays host to several VIP-level events, as well as karaoke and concert after-parties at the Colosseo Bar, and pop-up happy hours at the Commedia dell Arte Bar.

From the standard rooms to the VIP themed suites at this 4-Star Superior-rated hotel, you’ll feel like an emperor at the Hotel Colosseo: just make sure that you keep the decadence to a level where you can actually make it to the sessions!

Besides a luxurious and well-appointed room or suite with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll close at hand, you’ll also get:

  • Free breakfast at the Antica Roma restaurant
  • Free high-speed Internet access throughout the hotel, so you can crush your friends with FOMO from the onsite concerts and parties
  • Free parking if you need it, as well as a drop-off point for the free CloudFest shuttle from Offenberg train station
  • Access to all Europa-Park hotel amenities such as the spa and gym

All of CloudFest’s sessions, parties, and attractions are just a few minutes away with the Europa-Park Express monorail or VIP shuttle; or just a short walk if you’re up for it.

So if you want a front-row seat to the non-stop action at CloudFest, book a room at Europa-Park’s Hotel Colosseo – but move fast, because this hotel is always the first one to fill up!



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