Hotel Castillo Alcazar im Europa-Park

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Hotel Castillo Alcazar - spend the night like a knight

Hotel Castillo Alcazar at Europa-Park – Stay at a Spanish Castle for CloudFest

Boring hotel experience for CloudFest 2022? ¡Olvídate! Stay at the Hotel Castillo Alcazar instead!

When you show up at CloudFest 2022, Europa-Park greets you with some awesome themed hotel options. So why not spend the night like a knight?

Hotel Castillo Alcazar Hotel Castillo Alcazar Hotel Castillo Alcazar

The Hotel Castillo Alcazar brings you the experience of a Spanish Castle during the Middle Ages, but with all of the luxury and convenience of a modern 4-star hotel. Seriously, they have suits of armor in the hallways – how cool is that?

From standard rooms to lavish themed suites, you’ll find a space to suit your needs. Also, this is the Europa-Park hotel with the sauna and steam room! It can be hard to carve out a free moment during the festival, but trust us: it’s worth it to spend a bit of time working up a sweat.

The Moorish vibe at this 4-Star-rated hotel will leave you wanting more, with a loving attention to details big and small. All of CloudFest’s sessions, parties, and attractions are just moments away with the Europa-Park Express monorail or VIP shuttle; or just a short walk if you’re up for it. (For those who crave that CloudFest nightlife, the Hotel Colosseo is just across the street.)

Friendly CloudFest staff will be on hand along with the amazing hotel staff to make sure you feel like royalty from the moment you check in.

Besides a medieval experience without the problematic elements, your booking will also include:

  • Free breakfast at the Castillo buffet restaurant to fortify you for the day ahead
  • Free high-speed Internet access everywhere in the hotel, so you can lord it over your friends by showing them the castle you’re staying in
  • Free onsite parking if you need it, plus free access to the CloudFest shuttle to and from Offenberg train station
  • Access to all Europa-Park hotel amenities such as the spa and gym

Ready to add some medieval Spanish flair to your CloudFest experience? Por supuesto—so go ahead and book your accommodation at the Hotel Castillo Alcazar at Europa-Park!



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