Hotel Bell Rock im Europa-Park

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Hotel Bell Rock - New England Vibe at CloudFest

Get that East Coast feel at CloudFest 2022: this Europa-Park Hotel is in the Heart of the Action.

Europa-Park’s hotels are famous for going all-out with their themes, and the Hotel Bell Rock is a shining example of that!

The vaulted entryway, the water features, and the iconic lighthouse tower make this hotel a landmark. No, seriously, you can use the lighthouse to orient yourself in Rust! The New England vibe is in full effect at the Bell Rock, from the stunning entryway to the water features visible from the Spirit of St. Louis bar.

Hotel Bell Rock Europa-Park Hotel Bell Rock Europa-Park Hotel Bell Rock Europa-Park

With a 4-Star Superior Rating, the Hotel Bell Rock won the Traveler’s Choice Award in 2014, and you’ll totally see why: every inch of this place features a loving attention to detail. Each time you walk down the hallway to your room, you’ll notice something new.

No matter which room or suite you reserve, your booking will also include:

  • Free breakfast at the Harbourside buffet restaurant: wait until you see the decor!
  • Free high-speed internet access throughout the hotel, so you can flex on all your friends back home from in front of the epic hotel façade
  • Convenient onsite parking if you need it, and also served by the CloudFest shuttle from Offenberg
  • Access to all Europa-Park hotel amenities such as the spa and gym

All of CloudFest’s sessions, parties, and attractions are mere moments away with the Europa-Park Express monorail or VIP shuttle; or just a short walk if you’re up for it.

Also, just a heads-up:

The Hotel Bell Rock’s bar is well known for pre-conference hangouts at CloudFest!

New England elegance awaits you as you take your CloudFest experience to the next level: put the “rock” in “Bell Rock” and book your stay today!



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