Hiren Parekh: How OVH Builds an End-to-End Cloud Experience

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Investing in the Future of The Cloud Can Take Interesting Forms

By 2025, data will be ten times what it has been since 2016.

said Hiren Parekh, Senior Director of Cloud Services, EMEA at OVH, in his CloudFest keynote

If your core business is consulting and managed services, and that data growth will influence tomorrow’s business decisions. You probably don’t want to spend time handling the infrastructure on which that business runs. Good thing you don’t have to, huh?

Video CloudFest Keynote Hiren Parekh

You have also the ability to watch the whole presentation in this video:

Like how the Virgin Group serves its own brand of drinks aboard its planes, OVH manufactures its own servers and operates its own high-capacity fiber network – even designing its own eco-friendly server-cooling systems to eliminate the need for air conditioning at all of its datacenters built since 2010. “Owning this entire supply chain allows us to pass on the cost savings to our customer and to our end users,” said Parekh.

Over half of existing organizations will be forced to update their datacenter assets in some way, and that will surely involve some sort of integration with the Cloud. Partnering with an established provider such as OVH, said Parekh, helps those companies navigate the dense forest of decision-making that they must get through. (We’re guessing that the phrase “data migration challenges” has popped up once or twice in meetings at your organization…)

Put Your Energy into Synergy

In a multi-cloud scenario, OVH becomes one of several Cloud providers that a customer integrates into her data-migration strategy, said Parekh: part of being a trusted partner means knowing when to suggest a competitor: “We are not competing, we are complimentary.” As a hyperscale service provider with over 1.3 million customers and over 5,000 registered partners, OVH is also capable of providing end-to-end service. Resources are available hourly as well as monthly, for the load demand triggered by those Black Friday sales and traffic spikes.

OVH started the Open Cloud Foundation as an investment in the future of the Cloud, partnering with other organizations to promote openness and fight vendor lock-in; seeing those factors as key to continued healthy business growth in this industry. OVH also runs the Digital Launch Pad, an accelerator for startups.

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