Female Presenters at CloudFest 2022

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The amount of female talent and expertise in the cloud computing industry is immeasurable. Representation matters, though—traditional tech conferences are male-dominated: not just onstage, but in the networking sphere as well. At CloudFest we’re sick of that tradition (our own team is 50% female), so year on year we strive to bring more female participation in our mainstage presentations.

As more and more women take on senior and executive roles in the internet infrastructure industry, you better believe we’re providing these leaders the space they deserve.

Here are some of the women taking the stage at CloudFest 2022, March 22-24:

Sonja Pierer, Senior Director at Intel

Sonja Pierer, Senior Director at Intel
As leader of Intel Germany’s Business Consumption Team, Sonja is responsible for all pressing topics across all verticals. This means she has to know a lot about everything going on in Europe’s digital world—and basically understanding the entire digital world. On March 22, catch her insights in her keynote “What’s in your Cloud?” where she will outline why inner values also matter for Cloud-based services, and how Intel provides the most comprehensive hardware portfolio for the data center of the future, connecting with the larger Cloud ecosystem so you can offer the most intelligent and secure services to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Maria Vaquero, Innovation Manager at Cloud & Heat​ Technologies

On March 23, Sonja will be supported by Maria Vaquero, Innovation Manager at Cloud & Heat​ Technologies. Together, they will discover ‘The Path to Sustainable Cloud Services’. Sustainability has been a priority topic for Intel for years. It influences the way the company is led, as well as how the products are designed and produced. In this joint keynote you will learn more about alternative energy sources, innovative cooling solutions and heat recovery concepts.

Dr. Merritt Moore, Physicist and Professional Ballet Dancer

Industrial robots: oh, how they can dance! Discover how intelligent software, nimble hardware, and human creativity can create something beautiful. Moore will take you on a journey into the new world of robot-assisted art.

Ally Huang, Senior System Product Manager at Supermicro

The next generation of on-premises edge computing technologies and intelligent services with Cloud-based architectures is ramping up, especially for Industry 4.0 applications. Huang will discuss a combination of Edge and Cloud architectures delivering advanced AI workloads to support digital transformation in this new era.

Marie Lanyon, Head of Reseller Marketing at CentralNic

Many Cloud professionals hold domain name portfolios, but you probably need to update your strategy if you want those names working harder for you. On an expert panel, Lanyon goes beyond the basics and discusses what you really need to consider if you’re looking to make changes to your domain management in How the Pros Do Migrations.

Elisabeth Kurek, VP of Cloud Marketing at IONOS

If you’ve ever considered what it takes to partner with a sports team, get them to use your products, promote your brand, and include you in their partner ecosystem, then you’d better not miss Kurek’s panel, Benefits of Sports Marketing for IT Brands and Service Providers, if you want to get

Claudia Frese, CEO of STRATO AG

Digitizing SMBs has the potential to add trillions of new dollars to the cloud economy in the coming decade—and to accelerate economic recovery, which we all need right around now. So far, the process has been slowed by several factors; such as access to available skilled talent, a lack of easy onboarding for SMBs not used to new technology, and an understanding of what that technology entails. In Helping Older SMBs Digitize, Frese and friends will explore how to overcome this, and unlock the vast potential of getting SMBs out of their old IT closets

You can check out the full agenda to find out more. If you still need to register so you can join us March 22-24 at Europa-Park, use the orange button to the right (or at the bottom if you’re on your phone or tablet) to get a free registration.


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