COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund: Helping Vulnerable Families

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The Cloud community is stepping up during the global crisis

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives.

In a sense, we’re all in this together, since the coronavirus does not discriminate. However, not all of us have the same options for staying safe and healthy.

Millions of people have no reliable access to clean water or safe shelter, and many are already trying to survive as refugees – a deadly virus outbreak is the last thing they need! CloudFest is supporting the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to get these families the help they need.

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Leveling the Playing Field with EFK

CloudFest has partnered with Entrepreneurs for Knowledge (EFK) to build and upgrade schools in Guatemala and beyond, making sure that today’s kids have the same opportunities we had, despite their current situations.

The pandemic forced us to take further action and set up the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, which goes directly to vulnerable families in the areas where we’re already building schools.

Those schools are currently closed, but the pandemic has far-reaching consequences for the kids and their families. Many of the parents are day laborers who no longer earn money to provide food, drinking water, and hygiene articles. Our local implementing partners been distributing emergency packages containing the most essential items, but they need your help.

Raised money goes 100% towards supporting families

The money raised goes 100% towards supporting families maintain food security and hygiene:

EFK takes care of all the administrative costs so your donations make a direct impact.

Let’s Help Families Get Through the Pandemic: Support the Emergency Relief Fund

During our first fundraiser for the Emergency Relief Fund, attendees of our CloudUnchained virtual party stepped up and raised over €10,000 in less than five minutes! (We’re keeping the momentum going at each edition of CloudUnchained – it’s one of many reasons you should take part!)

The goal is to exceed €40,000… and we’re getting close.

Let’s make sure that these families can survive the pandemic so their kids can get back to school:

They have a future to create, and we’re going to help them do it.

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