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The Regenerative Cloud: 200% Renewable Energy Model

Dr. Wolfgang Oels, COO of Ecosia

Ecosia at CloudFest 2022: 100% Renewable Energy is Boring

To build a sustainable Cloud, you have to think bigger – learn from the search engine that plants trees – learn from “The Ecosia Cloud” by it’s COO Wolfang Oels.

A full day of CloudFest 2022 is devoted to The Sustainable Cloud: key leaders in the internet infrastructure industry will focus on creative and effective strategies to green their cloud service operations, getting insights straight from the leaders who are blazing the trail.

In “The Regenerative Cloud”, Dr. Wolfgang Oels, COO of Ecosia, will make the case for a 200% renewable energy model from both the business and planetary perspectives.

How do we shift our mindsets and strategies from “carbon neutral” to “climate positive”, from sustainable to regenerative? Answering that question can lead to extraordinarily large rewards, in more ways than one.

Wolfgang holds a PhD in Energy Economics. He kicked off his career as a consultant with McKinsey & Company, and soon rose to several leadership roles in the solar industry, based in Europe and the United States. In 2015, Wolfgang joined Ecosia after re-booting his career to dedicate himself more deeply to his family, community, and environment.

Ecosia assumed responsibility for its entire supply chain and operations, which are powered by 100% renewable energy. That was not enough, says Wolfgang, who described the move as “boring and unambitious” in his TEDx talk: “We were fueling the wrong paradigm.

Video Wolfgang Oels at TedX about: 200% – Why “carbon neutral” is not enough

About Ecosia – 140 million trees and counting

Based in Berlin (the Kreutzberg neighborhood, of course), Ecosia is Europe’s largest search engine. Functioning as a browser extension and mobile app, Ecosia uses the ad revenue from its searches to fund the planting of trees in the ecosystems that need them most. Each Ecosia search contributes a few cents: with over 15 million users, that adds up in a big way: 140 million trees and counting. The money is used to fund local environmental groups, who know exactly which native trees their ecosystems need.

And it’s not just about the trees: rebuilding local ecosystems improves the lives of the people who live there. Just like what CloudFest does with its school-building projects, Ecosia has found a way to become an agent of change.

Meanwhile, Ecosia’s solar arrays are producing twice as much electricity as it needs to power its operations.

What we can learn from Ecosia: Cloud operations can think beyond just treading water and become part of the climate solution. At CloudFest 2022, you can find out how. Join the top decision-makers in the Cloud, March 22-24, at Europa-Park. You can use this code – CFgreen22 – to register for Free or just click this Link.

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