CloudFest School Progress Report: New Guatemala Classrooms Nearly Ready!

Guatemala OG

Over 500 Students Excited to Move into Their New School

Guatemala CloudFest School project

A quick update on the CloudFest School project in Guatemala: which has only been possible thanks to your generous support. Heavy rain in the region has slowed the construction process a bit, and so has the local election: even though the same mayor was re-elected, the process had temporarily disrupted the flow of political will. Such is the nature of undertaking such a big project: outside forces can have an impact.

Even with the disruptions, the classrooms on the second floor are almost finished. Once that’s done, the students can come back to the school and resume their classes there. (At the moment, the kids are currently attending classes in the local town hall.) In six weeks’ time, over 525 students will move into newly-rebuilt school, and they’re really psyched! The project won’t actually be done until October, but at least they’ll have a clean and safe space in which to work and learn.

Resilient by Design

Here are some images of what the school looks like today, which should give you an idea of what the finished project will look and feel like. The walls are based on a construction of bamboo and clay, designed and adapted to the particular weather conditions in this part of Guatemala. Now, the walls are going to be filled in, windows and doors reinstalled, and the new kitchen installed on the first floor.

And here are some of the awesome kids who are ready for a brighter future:

Luis Martinez, the school architect said:

To every single donor, I would like to send a heartfelt THANK YOU for your generous support of our work in Guatemala,
I’m pleased to say you directly made a difference in the lives of over 525 children in Solala, Guatemala.

CloudFest attendees have been amazing, raising €22,000 so far towards this urgent project and helping ensure a brighter future for a generation of kids. We still have to raise more money, so please keep going! CloudFest is happy to partner with our friends at the Acronis Foundation in this game-changing venture. We’re even happier to have your ongoing support: even small donations have a huge impact.

Thank you once again, and we’ll come back with more updates soon.

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