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Rock in Rust with us: live bands, DJs, food, beer... and you.

Introducing the Loud in the Cloud Music Festival, only at CloudFest: Launching a Very Loud Tradition
Unlike the Fyre Festival, Loud in the Cloud actually happened!

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From its earliest days, CloudFest’s mandate has been to be as much of a festival as a conference, creating one-of-a-kind moments around which the tech industry can bond. So if you’re coming to CloudFest, you better be ready to rock.

We Feature epic Events instead of boring Events!

That’s why we feature epic concerts and parties instead of boring networking events. For CloudFest 2019, we took it to the next level by launching the first-ever Loud in the Cloud Music Festival, powered by Dell Technologies!

On March 26, 2019, the magnificent courtyard of the Hotel Colosseo was transformed into an arena of rock, complete with a huge stage, bone-rattling sound system, beer and food stalls, and a crowd of thousands.

The Montpellier Sunshine Band

Kicking off the action was The Montpellier Sunshine Band. This Dell EMC house band has been rocking the tech industry for over 10 years now, and they’re super-tight. (They’ve metamorphosed into Mayfly recently, but all the skill and passion are very much in play. If anything, they’re getting heavier!)

The Lords of Uptime

Headlining Loud in the Cloud were those bad boys of the internet, The Lords of Uptime! They came ready to blow some speakers and some minds with a wide range of smash hits. They kicked off the show with a surprise attack, playing from the Colosseo walls with special guest Sebastian Bach of Skid Row! Sebastian’s vocal power was super-impressive: at one point while the Lords were troubleshooting a technical difficulty, he serenaded the crowd with a capella versions of Queen and Whitney Houston songs – that’s some expert-only sh%t!

Surprise Superstar guest: DMC from Run DMC

Then the band was joined by another surprise superstar guest: DMC from Run DMC! The crowd was chanting, singing, and dancing until everyone was sweaty on that chilly spring night.

The after-party was a two-venue affair: DJs in Tech rocked the Colosseo Bar late into the night, while the Commedia dell’Arte bar transformed into a karaoke venue. After watching all those rock stars in action, CloudFest’s attendees took star turns of their own, and it was glorious! There’s some legit singing talent in the CloudFest community, that’s for sure.

… And that was just the very first iteration of CloudFest’s own music festival. Everyone knew that this was just the beginning of a bold, beautiful, and very loud new tradition.

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to make the journey to CloudFest, a face-melting night of rock ‘n’ roll is just one more. See you there, yeah?

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