CloudFest Halloween

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Halloween goes Cloud

CloudFest Jack o’ Lantern Festival

Hey, you’re carving out your niche in the future of the connected world, so you may as well do some actual carving.

We’re celebrating Spooky Season, and we invite you to join us – that’s right, Cloudfest goes Halloween with our own Jack o’ Lantern Festival!

We want you to show off your gourd-geous creations, with the tag #CFHalloween on social media, and we’ll amplify them through our social channels.

(If you have kids, you can also get them to do the carving: delegation is an important part of management. Of course, we encourage you to embrace your inner child and do the carving yourself, being sure to stick both hands deep into the pumpkin guts!)

So grab a gourd, sharpen a knife, and get ready to show off your amazing jack o’lanterns! Make it scary, make it funny, make it geeky – whatever you want, just think outside the box and make it your own!

Here’s what we created:

CloudFest Halloween Pumpkins 🤘 🎃 🤘

CloudFest Halloween

By the way, the internet hates Candy Corn, but the internet needs CloudFest – so our trick-or-treat candy this year is a free registration for CloudFest 2022, and you don’t even need to be wearing a costume when you ring our doorbell by hitting the button below!

We can’t wait to see your jack o’lanterns, and we REALLY can’t wait to gather the entire Cloud industry, March 22-24 at Europa-Park, as we rock CloudFest 2022 together in person! It’s gonna be so awesome, it’s scary.

That’s right – you know we love pumpk’ rock! 🤘 🎃 🤘


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