CloudFest Agenda 2022

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First CloudFest Agenda Reveal

These Sessions Await You in March

Your Very First Look at the CloudFest 2022 Agenda

CloudFest Cloud Conference is just two and a half months away, and we’re ready to give you a taste of the cloudfest agenda 2022 we have lined up for the leaders, decision-makers, and visionaries of the internet infrastructure industry.

These foundational sessions will give you a handle on where the Cloud is now, where it’s going, and how you and your company can help shape its journey and impact on the world through innovation and partnerships.

1. Postcards from the Edge: Real-World Experience with the Evolving Hardware Stack

Evolving Hardware Stack

The impact of the IoT and the proliferation of personal technology is impossible to underestimate, but also hard to quantify. In a must-see showcase presentation, a group of industry leaders will share their journeys to the Edge, surfacing the valuable lessons they learned – to make your own journey a bit easier.

This is just a taste of what you’ll learn as we explore The Intelligent Edge.

2. Zero-Waste Datacenters

Zero Waste Datacenters

It takes a lot of equipment to run a datacenter – and some of it is toxic and difficult to recycle. How do we move from landfills to more sustainable paths? This expert panel will explore why a zero-waste future is so important, and why so many major data centers are committing to it. Discover how we can develop a plan and then measure our progress towards success.

This is the tip of the iceberg we’re trying not to melt as we work toward The Sustainable Cloud.

3. Long-Term Expectations on Work From Home: Enabling Hybrid Work Environments

Hybrid Work WFH

We may be back to CloudFest in person, but for many of us there’s just no going back to the office! What does cloud computing look like when supporting a workforce that may be everywhere? This panel explores the changing role of edge computing, VPN technology, and server virtualization when it comes to the evolving needs of tomorrow’s workforce – as well as considerations around infrastructure, best practices, security, and compliance.

What else awaits you as we get closer to Our New Digital World? There’s only one way to find out…

The Top Cloud Conference in the World: There’s No Substitute for Being Here

To develop the best possible strategy for tomorrow’s Cloud, you’ll need

  • the right insights,
  • the right tools,
  • and the right partners,

and you’ll find all three at CloudFest 2022.

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