CloudFest Academy 2022 at Europa-Park

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One bright spot from the endless pandemic lockdowns was CloudFest Academy, a set of masterclasses focused on helping Cloud industry professionals level up their knowledge around the forces that shape tomorrow’s Cloud. While masterclasses are consistently hot at CloudFest, we took them to the next level as a standalone digital event last summer—and CloudFest Academy was born!

You know how we love to experiment in order to bring useful, fun, and exciting programming to the CloudFest community, and that’s exactly what we’re doing for CloudFest 2022 as we integrate CloudFest Academy into the festival agenda. Attendees can augment their experience by taking part in these focused, intimate sessions—this time in person!

No sales pitches here, just the tools and techniques you’ll need to surf the next wave of the Cloud—instead of wiping out!

Each session will be run by industry-leading experts, complete with networking opportunities and discussion breaks. These highly-focused sessions have limited seating, and won’t be streamed: you have to be there!

CloudFest Academy 2022 Will Feature These Masterclasses

So far, these sessions have been confirmed, and you can expect more to come.

It’s No Longer Just Backup—Data Management, Recovery and Compliance in a Hybrid Cloud

Generate new revenue streams by bringing enterprise functionality and capability of object storage and ransomware protection to SMBs and branch office deployments to facilitate a fully managed edge-to-core hybrid solution. Stand out from the crowd and provide your customers the flexibility they need to meet their protection and compliance needs for backup and recovery whether they’re running just a website or a big operation. RNT and Cloudian are bringing a new solution to the market that enables you to offer the end-to-end hybrid solution for data management and protection that your customers need and deserve. Examine an architecture that is setting new rules for changing working environments and the rise of cyber threats like ransomware, and discuss what other use cases need to be addressed.
Presented by Neil Stobart (VP of Global Engineering, Cloudian) and Graham Norbury (International Business Development Manager, RNT Rausch).

The Top OWASP Cloud Security Risks: a Technical Explanation

Based on OWASP’s Cloud-native Application Security Top 10, get to grips with some of the most critical and widespread vulnerabilities that apply to a cloud context. The workshop will start out with a short (we promise!) theoretical introduction before getting to the real action: showcasing a few vulnerabilities in a step-by-step hacking demonstration.
Presented by Julian Geils (Senior IT Security Consultant, DGC), Katrin Schobersteine (Consultant, DGC, and Steven Koleczko (Senior IT Security Engineer, DGC).

Cybersecurity as a Service: Additional Revenue Potential for Cloud Providers

As providers of IT services, Cloud providers are positioned to offer clients cybersecurity products and services—and are uniquely positioned to exploit new revenue potential and differentiate themselves from other market participants. This workshop will explore efficient and lean methods on how to expand your offering and implement it into your product shelf.
Presented by Andreas Pankow (CEO, DGC Switzerland AG) and Philip Saladin (Principal Specialist Sales, DGC Switzerland AG).

Accelerating Time to Solution with Modern AI Frameworks

Many Cloud professionals hold domain name portfolios, but you probably need to update your strategy if you want those names working harder for you. On an expert panel, Lanyon goes beyond the basics and discusses what you really need to consider if you’re looking to make changes to your domain management in How the Pros Do Migrations.

As long as you’re registered for CloudFest, attendance is free—just hit the button to see the times and locations for each masterclass, and book a seat for the ones you wish to attend. Check back often, because more sessions will be added between now and March 22. Space is limited to 50 participants per CloudFest Academy session

If you haven’t yet registered for CloudFest 2022, grab a free pass by hitting the orange button on the right (or down at the bottom if you’re reading this on your mobile device). Get ready to join the rest of the internet infrastructure community as we take over Europa-Park, March 22-24!

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