CloudFest 2022 Reveals Kick-Ass Agenda for Return to Europa-Park

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CloudFest 2022 isn’t just happening, it’s HAPPENING! The full CloudFest agenda is now live, and it goes seriously deep into this year’s core themes over the course of three days: The Intelligent Edge, The Sustainable Cloud, and Our New Digital World. Soeren von Varchmin, Chairman of the CloudFest Advisory Board, has described the agenda for this year as “the biggest piece of art we ever created”, and we must say that he’s right.

CloudFest 2022 Sessions: Too Good to Call It ‘Content’

CloudFest 2022 runs March 22-24 at Europa-Park. A few highlights from the main stages include:

  • Connecting the Cloud to the International Space Station with Till Eisenberg, CIMON Project Manager at Airbus Defence and Space
    Edge devices can be found in many places. One of them is orbiting around the center of earth with a speed of 27,600km/h. Here, one day lasts 90 minutes. Learn about CIMON, the Crew Interactive MObile companioN. CIMON is the first robotic and autonomous crew-mate on board the International Space Station with a link to cloud services on earth to support the ISS crew with artificial intelligence based assistance.
  • Dancing with Robots, featuring Dr. Merritt Moore, professional ballerina and quantum physicist
    Quantum physicist and professional ballet dancer Dr. Merritt Moore found herself stuck with an unusual dance partner when London locked down for the pandemic: a robot. Together, Merritt and Baryshnibot rewrote the rules of dance to meet this unique moment in human history. Robots collaborate with us at work, and now they’re helping us create objects and moments of pure beauty. Join Merritt [and Baryshnibot] for an unforgettable journey into the new world of robot-collaborative art. Technology has advanced to the point where the only limit is imagination, so join us to push that limit to its breaking point.
  • The Regenerative Cloud, featuring Dr. Wolfgang Oels, COO at Ecosia
    By the time you read this, the Ecosia search engine will have nearly 150 million trees at over 9,000 sites across the globe. Discover how our networked lives and the dynamics of globalization can be harnessed to address climate change as we look past yesterday’s goal of 100% renewable energy. Oels will make the case from business and planetary perspectives for shifting our mindsets and strategies from “carbon neutral” to “climate positive”—huge rewards await, in more ways than one.
  • Humanity Beyond Industry 4.0 with Wolfgang Wahlster, founding Scientific Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
    We’re on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the global economy reaches critical mass in its pivot towards data- and automation-based technologies. This will fundamentally change everything from communication to manufacturing, from medicine to art. How we as companies, communities, and individuals adapt to this new world will depend on how deeply we understand it. Wolfgang Wahlster, AI professor and  founding Scientific Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, coined the term “Industry 4.0”, so join him for a conversation about the possible futures at our fingertips when entire cities become innovation platforms. 
  • … and more surprises to be revealed, so stay tuned!

The insights, the ideas, the verbal jousting… It just isn’t CloudFest without expert panels! We have quite a few lined up, such as:

  • Cybersecurity Forecast Panel for Cloud Providers will help you walk confidently into the dark alleys of tomorrow. Each year, cloud service providers are delivering more and more services to large and mid-cap companies as well as public institutions. This increasing business volume is also causing risks to cloud providers and clients due to the constantly increasing number of vulnerabilities—and ensuing cyber-attacks—worldwide. We will provide the audience with an overview of the current threat situation as well as recommendations on how to secure and defend their infrastructure.
  • Zero-Waste Datacenters will explore the shift from landfills to more sustainable paths. Why is a “zero waste” future important, and why are so many major data centers committing to that future? Finally, how can we come up with a plan and then measure progress toward that plan?
  • Advanced AI and High-Performance Computing, a panel exploring democratized supercomputers. High performance computing (HPC) just doesn’t have a cool enough name! Orders of magnitude more powerful than classical computing, HPC is leveraged when you need to process more data—faster and smarter—than typical computation, network, and storage limitations will allow. HPC itself is changing along with its use cases as technological advances and human imagination fuel each other. HPC has not only gotten less expensive, but also easier to use—this democratizes the supercomputer, putting its power in the hands of not just institutions and Fortune 500 companies, but anyone who wants it. This expert panel will explore the possibilities that HPC has now unlocked. The time has come to get serious about the next leap forward for intelligent machines—so let’s take that step together. 
  • Long-Term Expectations on Work-From-Home, exploring hybrid work environments, because tomorrow’s workforce is everywhere. We may be back to CloudFest in person, but for many of us there’s just no going back to work. What does cloud computing look like when supporting a workforce that may be everywhere? This panel explores the changing role of edge computing, VPN technology, and server virtualization when it comes to the changing needs of tomorrow’s workforce. We will also explore the considerations to keep in mind in terms of infrastructure, best practices, security, and compliance Issues.
  • Cybersecurity at Scale: What can actually take down the internet? ​​Internet-crippling threats may be scarier than threats to your own infrastructure. What can your business do to ensure the continuity of your own business, and that of your customers, when attacks are at scale and aim for mass disruption? Learn what can you do to identify and stop abuse at a network level or manage upstream threats, as the bad guys use the newest technology to get better at carrying out attacks. This panel will discuss catastrophe-level threats that can take down the internet, and help you to better protect not only your own business but those of your customers as well.

Dozens more sessions await you at CloudFest this year, ready to spark that next great conversation with a new potential partner. Explore the full CloudFest 2020 agenda and register today. You can grab a free pass to CloudFest by hitting that orange button on the right (or down at the bottom if you’re on your mobile), and the handy Registration Tool helps you plan your experience in a snap—including hotel reservation and even train tickets to and from Europa-Park. Our handy CloudFest Covid Page helps you navigate the rules around travel to Germany, so you’ll know exactly what awaits you as you venture back into the world of in-person Cloud conferences.

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