CloudFest 2022 Interactive Floor Plan

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CloudFest 2022 is taking over Europa-Park, which is a pretty big place. Between the main keynote stages, lounges, meeting rooms, and the CloudFair, powered by Intel, you’ll be making your way through a space similar in size to the town of Rust itself!

You won’t get lost, though—we’ve got you! Check out this interactive floor plan for CloudFest 2022, which will give you the lay of the land before you even arrive.


CloudFest Partners Enable Next-Level Networking

It’s also time to meet the awesome partners that are helping us deliver the experiences that make CloudFest famous. Far from a boring trade show, CloudFest is a multimedia feast for the senses that runs from sunup until way after sundown. The goal is to deliver the insights you need, and enable the partnerships that will bring those insights to life.

From hyperscale giants to visionary newcomers, our diverse set of sponsors are bringing more to the table than just a good time—meet up with them to discover the tools and services that will help you execute your business plan for the challenging year ahead.

(But don’t get it twisted: CloudFest’s partners are definitely delivering some amazing parties and concerts to take your networking to the next level—and the level after that!)


Running March 22-24, CloudFest 2022 brings the internet infrastructure industry together in person for the first time since the pandemic struck. You better believe that every single attendee is going to take advantage of every moment, and you won’t want to miss a thing: CloudFest is where Cloud industry deals happen! Our agenda will bring you nonstop action in work and play, and you can register for free by hitting the orange button on the right (or at the bottom if you’re reading this on your mobile device).


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