Christian Geckeis Video: How Microsoft AI is empowering business transformation


AI isn't just coming... it's already here.

Christian Geckeis, Partner Development Director at Microsoft

“What could be worse than the apocalypse?” asked Geckeis. “AI could just be a marketing buzzword!”

Business around AI has exploded, said Geckeis: 67% of businesses have already indicated a willingness to engage with artificial intelligence in their plans for tomorrow. Some major trends have come together to make this the moment for AI, said Geckeis. The answer to the why-now question is that our technological environment was previously unable to incubate AI that’s useful on a daily use-case basis – much like how the planet’s environment had to evolve before life could follow suit.

Video Christian Geckeis

How Microsoft AI Is Empowering Business Transformation

Artificial intelligence doesn’t just thrive on a cloud – it demands a cloud, said Geckeis: “AI will not happen if your data stays where it is today.” The drivers for that cloud migration include cost, technology refreshment, and the need for speed. Microsoft’s customers are already getting tastes of AI whether they realize it or not: did you know your Excel spreadsheet has AI functionality? Suddenly it seems a lot less boring.

CloudFest’s theme, The Intelligent Cloud, will explore this reality in greater breadth and depth, so save the dates!

About Christian Geckeis

AI redefines what is possible. In his CloudFest keynote, Christian Geckeis, Partner Development Director at Microsoft, explained what that will look like.

Forget about Clippy. Microsoft is at the forefront of innovation in artificial intelligence, and its vision for AI is one of empowerment – empowering developers to innovate, empowering organizations to transform entire industries, and empowering everyday people to transform society. The goal is to empower organizations to bring responsible and trusted AI to every app, every business process, and every employee.

What does AI look like in the real world? Is it your voice assistant? A self-driving car? A humanoid robot? The end of the world as we know it?

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