Shaun Streeter: America First – WHD 2nd

We got the help of American voice-actor and radio host Shaun Streeter to impersonate Trump. He’s done more than 300 Trump-inspired recordings and was behind various videos “America First; [Country] Second” including Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg, and Denmark. And he recorded “America First; WorldHostingDays Second” for us. Video Shaun Streeter It’s been around a month […]

Tech Stars Meet Rock Stars when the Royal Machines Land Down

After a full day learning about the latest cloud innovations and networking, we will leave the virtual machines behind and rock the night away with the Royal Machines – an all-star line-up of hit-makers from some of the most popular bands of the last twenty years. They’ll be lighting-up the OnApp ConneXion Party. Here’s some […]

Bunk in a Wild West Town and Experience like a True Pioneer

WWW – Wild West World The internet can feel like the Wild West at times with its endless frontiers and showdowns between good guys and bad guys – why not try being a pioneer from the Wild West? Europa-Park’s Camp Resort is a fun Wild-West-themed town with log cabins, covered wagons, and Tee Pees. And […]

Göran Marby Video: Put the power of the future of the Internet into your hands

Göran Marby, ICANN CEO, engages the Internet community on how they can help shape the Internet of tomorrow. Göran Marby Video Put the power of the future of the Internet into your hands ICANN is a non-profit that plays a key role in coordinating the technical infrastructure around domain names. In this presentation, ICANN CEO […]

Philip Sheppard will boost your creative thinking

World-renowned composer, producer, and virtuoso cellist Philip Sheppard uses creative thinking and imagination to explore new musical ideas and develop new melodies. For Philip, creative thinking is a major focus of his career, and he has taught and inspired countless professionals to take a more creative approach to their work and life. About Philip Sheppard […]

Get to Know the WorldHostingDays Content Advisory Board

WorldHostingDays is the global event series for the cloud services and internet infrastructure industries. Building these useful, engaging and inspiring events – as you can imagine – can be an enormous task. To ensure we have great content, we’ve sought input from professionals in our community who we admire and respect – and now we’ve formalized this approach with […]

Four Domain Industry Predictions from RightOfTheDot President Monte Cahn

President Monte Cahn: Domain consultancy RightOfTheDot and NameJet are running their highly anticipated premium domain auction at NamesCon for the third year in a row. The domain name sales of this event have exceeded $350 million in total, and this auction will be the biggest one yet. Monte Cahn – DomainNameWire Podcast #117 Want to know what trends are […]

Fabian Thylmann Speaker & Video

Fabian Thylmann was among the most important innovators in the streaming of adult content. Before streaming video became mainstream, he founded Manwin (now MindGeek) which is the company that would eventually host the most popular adult websites in the world. This includes YouPorn, MyDirtyHobby, Pornhub and others. But handling huge volumes of data and traffic […]

Speaker Tim Schumacher: the Future of Online Ads & Ad Blockers speaker Tim Schumacher – an Internet innovator with a strong belief that bad ads are ruining online experiences. is a festival celebrating internet technology and culture, and we can’t help but address the impact of ad-blocking software like Adblock Plus on the multi-billion dollar digital media industry. Video AdBlock Plus and Tim Schumacher About Tim Schumacher In […]