At WHD.usa 2017, Christian Dawson Will Explain How to Use Data to Drive your Business Decisions

Data is your most powerful tool as a manager. Use it to drive your business decisions!

In the cloud and hosting industry, you don’t make network decisions based on a gut feeling – you look at the data. So, why should you make business decisions without looking at the data? With the streams of data now available, managers don’t need to make gut decisions.

Data can guide them towards better decisions. But it’s not always simple – you’ve got different metrics, expectations, and humans can be a little unpredictable.

Christian Dawson will be leading a session that will give you information that you can bring back to you business immediately. Christian is an expert on leveraging data to make better business decisions. He’s the co-founder of consultancy Open-i Advisors Inc. and former president of innovative web hosting provider ServInt.

Dawson has a degree in leadership from the University of Richmond and an MBA from the University of Maryland. As an entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience building multiple businesses, he has a background in developing business models, go-to-market strategies and marketing campaigns. Through exercises like refining mission and vision statements to performing SWOT analyses, he has lead many companies through the process of finding and actualizing on their goals – and ultimately putting them on the path they need to succeed.

Data is the most powerful tool you can use in your business. In this session, Christian will make sure you’re using it for all it’s worth.

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