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Partnerships help add new tech, revenue streams & customers.

But how do you form effective partnerships where all parties benefit? GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving and a panel of guests will discuss this important topic

Blake Irving, GoDaddy’s CEO, is facing the changing tides of technologies, customer needs and industry consolidation, it’s very difficult to run an effective company in the hosting and cloud computing space without building solid partnerships.

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Sharing is Caring

It seems that the only ways to survive in cloud and hosting is to buy up competitors or be bought yourself. But there’s actually another way: partnerships!! GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving hosted a panel on building meaningful partnerships with guests Das Kamhout (Senior Principal Engineer, Intel), Raghu Murthi (SVP, Hosting, GoDaddy), & Jonathan Bryce (Exec. Director, OpenStack Foundation).

Mashing Up the Future of Cloud Services

Things like rock ‘n’ roll and jazz mashed up classic and folk music in new and interesting ways. But this sort of fusion doesn’t only happen in the arts – many popular products are taking two or more things and “mashing” them together in creative ways. In this presentation, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving Technologies have mashed up to form new innovations and spot upcoming treands across cloud infrastructure, security, big data, predictive analytics, and the global economy. Knowing the right combination can lead to new opportunities.

About Blake Irving

Blake Irving

GoDaddy’s CEO, Blake Irving, is someone who believes in the partnership model. A recent example is the partnership with WP Elevation and OSTraining to provide free WordPress education resources for WordPress users, developers and designers. And its partnership approach can even be seen when GoDaddy empowers its customers to become entrepreneurs through its domain and web hosting products.

At WHD.usa, Blake and a panel of guests will take to the stage to discuss how to form effective partnerships that present new business opportunities and grow revenue. They will also delve into issues such as how to deepen brand loyalty within the context of a partnership model. Ultimately, the right partnerships help customers win, which in turn helps partners win. A business based on sharing is not only caring – but it’s your key to surviving in a competitive market.

Join us to learn from industry experts, network with business leaders, and forge new partnerships that will propel your business forward.

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